May 3, 2008 - Removes species from provisional list, 1st definitive state record
(1); Columbia Bottom CA, St. Louis Co.; Dick Coles, Bill Rowe, John Solodar; 21st Annual MBRC Report, 2008-50. Prior this record,
White-tailed Kite remained provisional on the basis of three previous accepted records, all with single documentations, and no physical evidence. This record is based on separate, acceptable independent documentations, and thus the species now moves to the main state list

May 7, 2004 - Accepted to provisional list only
(1); near Columbia, Boone Co.; Brad Jacobs; 17th Annual MBRC Report, 2004-57.

May 15, 1983 - Accepted to provisional list only
(1); Springfield, Greene Co.; Gerald Dobbs; R & E, BB 50[3]:11

R & E: There are two old dubious records by Gerald Dobbs; see Easterla (1976) for pertinent comments on these records

June 14, 1976 - Accepted to provisional list only
(Adult); near Pumpkin Center, Nodaway Co.; Observer not listed; R & E, Easterla 1976.