April 13, 1890 - 1st state record and earliest spring record
(1); Specimen (not located); near Sand Ridge, Clark Co.; E. Currier; R & E, Widmann 1907.

April 15, 2000 - ~15th state record and 2nd earliest spring record
(1); Swan Lake NWR, Chariton Co.; Terry McNeely, Steve Kinder; 13th Annual MBRC Report, 2000-45.

April 16, 1998 - 3rd earliest spring record
(Adult); Mingo NWR, Stoddard Co.; Bill Reeves and Steve Dilks; 11th Annual MBRC Report, 1998-58.

May 1, 1999 - ~14th state record
(Adult); near I-55, Pemiscot Co.; Jeff Wilson; 12th Annual MBRC Report, 1999-42; Observer first noted this bird in TN, watched it fly with other herons toward the Mississippi River, and then relocated it at a roost on the MO side.

May 2, 2001
(Adult); Photographed; Swan Lake NWR, Chariton Co.; Steve Kinder, Doris Fitchett, Heather Lambert-Doherty; 14th Annual MBRC Report,

May 3, 1975
(Adult); Photographed; Schell-Osage CA, Vernon Co.; NJ, JoAnn Garrett; R & E, BB 43[1]:18.

May 15-16, 1978
(Adult); Photographed (VIREO x08/11/001); Lake Springfield, Greene Co.; M. Goodman; R & E, BB 45[3]:15.

May 17, 1995
(1); Springfield Conservation Nature Center, Greene Co.; Charles Burwick, Gregg Swick, Larry Rizzo, and Janon Bellenger; 9th Annual MBRC Report, 1996-23.

May 22, 1976
(Adult); Swan Lake NWR, Chariton Co.; Observers not listed; Jim Rathert et al; R & E, BB 44[2]:15.

June 7, 1963
(1); Beverly Lake, Platte Co.; David Easterla, T. Anderson, Wally George, M. Flieg; R & E, BB 30[3]:18.

Aug. 10-31, 1958
(1); St. Joseph, Buchanan Co.; Floyd Lawhon et al; R & E, BB 25[9]:4.

Aug. 12-19, 1971
(Immature); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; Mark Robbins et al; R & E, BB 38[4]:7.

Aug. 20, 2000 - ~16th state record
(Juvenile); Photographed; Four Rivers CA, Vernon Co.; Dave Williams, Matt Gearheart; 14th Annual MBRC Report; 2001-39; This record places this species from casual to rare on the state checklist, unless outside the expected time period.

Aug. 27, 1952
(Immature); Parkville, Platte Co.; John Bishop; R & E.

First week of Sept 1961
(1); near Portageville, New Madrid Co.; L. Jenkins; R & E, BB 28[4]:21.

Sept. 12-19, 1948 - Latest fall record
(1); Iatan Marsh, Platte Co.; John Bishop, Elizabeth Cole, H. Hedges; R & E, BB 16[3]:3.

R & E: Unable to track down the specifics on Tricolored Heron record given on the 1966 revision of the Squaw Creek NWR (Holt Co.) checklist.

Note: Any significant observations since this species status changed to rare transient/summer visitor will be added at a later time.