Oct. 12, 1986 - Earliest fall record
(1); Maryville Sewage Lagoon, Nodaway Co.; David Easterla, R & E.

Oct. 13, 2013 - 2nd earliest fall record
(Female-plumaged); Fountain Grove CA, Livingston Co.; Steve Kinder, m. obs.; BB 81[1]:38.

Oct. 13, 2013 - 2nd earliest fall record
(2); Riverlands M.B.S., St. Charles Co.; Susan Nixon, Allen Smith; BB 81[1]:38.

Oct. 15, 1975 - 3rd earliest fall record and highest single day count
(7); Maryville Sewage Lagoon, Nodaway Co.; David Easterla, R & E.

Oct. 22, 2007 - 3rd earliest fall record
(1); Lake Contrary, Buchanan Co.; Larry Lade; BB 75[1]:7.

R & E: Far more numerous at this season than at any other, and most of the records were
from the Maryville Sewage Lagoons (at time of R & E).

Dec. 15, 1978
(1); Alton Dam (now RMBS), St. Charles Co.; Phoebe Snetsinger, Bill Rudden; R & E, BB 46[2]:12.

Dec. 15, 1984
(1); KC southeast CBC record; Kansas City, Jackson Co.; Observers not listed; R & E.

Dec. 17, 2002
(Female plumage); CBC record; Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; Mark Robbins, Frank Durbian; 16th Annual MBRC Report, 2003-11.

Dec. 18-21, 1993
(Immature male); Photographed; Springfield, Greene Co.; David and Barbara Blevins, Dean Rising et al; 7th Annual MBRC Report, 1994-1.

Jan. 19, 1991
(Immature or female); Thomas Hill Reservoir, Randolph/Macon Counties; Tim Barksdale; 4th Annual MBRC Report, 1991-15.

Jan. 20, 2007
(Immature male); RMBS, St. Charles Co.; Mike Thelan; 20th Annual MBRC Report, 2007-10; Individual was present for weeks.

Feb. 17-24, 2007
(Female); Photographed; RMBS, St. Charles Co.; Joshua Uffman; 20th Annual MBRC Report, 2007-41.

Feb. 21, 1971
(Female); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; Mark Robbins; R & E, BB 38[4]:10.

Note: Since the status of this species only recently changed to rare winter visitor along the Mississippi River,
any significant observations for the winter season will be added at a later time.

April 8, 1972
(Female); Alton Dam (now RMBS), St. Charles Co.; Richard Anderson, Paul Bauer et al; R & E, BB 39[3]:6.

April 10 - May 1995
(Immature); Color prints; Bilby CA, Nodaway Co.; Kirby Goslee; 8th Annual MBRC Report, 1995-41.

April 19, 1969
(Female); Specimen (NWMSU, CLJ 150); Maryville Water Plant; Nodaway Co.; David Easterla; BB 38[1]:3.

April 25, 1992
(Immature female); Aldrich Arm of Stockton Lake, Polk Co.; S. Hazelwood, J. Hayes, J. Witherspoon, L. Herbert; 5th Annual MBRC Report, 1992-18.

April 26, 1965
(First year male); Specimen (NW MSU, mount); Lake Jacomo, Jackson Co.; David Easterla et al; R & E, BB 32[1-2]:10.

May 3, 1876
(1); near St. Louis, Co. not listed; No observers listed; R & E, Widmann 1907; Bird was shot.

May 5, 1994
(Immature male); Fayette, Howard Co.; Cal Royall; 7th Annual MBRC Report, 1994-25

May 8, 1999
(Female); NAMC record; Busch CA, St. Charles Co.; Paul Bauer; 12th Annual MBRC Report, 1999-49.

May 10-19, 2003 - 2nd latest spring record
(Female plumage); NAMC record; Bethel Park, Boone Co.; Jean Leonatti, Carl Gerhardt, Susan Hazelwood, Joyce and Mike Bathke; 16th Annual MBRC Report, 2003-35.

May 12-14, 1994 - 3rd latest spring record
(Female); Photographed; Mound City, Holt Co.; David Easterla et al; 7th Annual MBRC Report, 1994-28.

May 23, 2013 - Latest spring record
(Female); Fellow's Lake, Greene Co.; Greg Swick (documentation), Charles Burwick (photographs). 26th Annual MBRC Report, 2013-43.

Additional Scoter sp. Records