R & E (1992): To date there are no Sept. records, although it surely does arrive by then.

Oct. 1, 2011 - Earliest fall record
(2); Photographed; Prairie SP, Barton Co.; Brian Davis (documentation with photographs); 25th Annual MBRC Report, 2011-69.

Oct. 7, 1987 - 2nd earliest fall record
(Female); Specimen (ANSP 180002); 3 miles west of Forest City, Holt Co.; Mark Robbins; R & E, BB 55[1]:12.

Oct. 13, 1979
(6); Taberville Prairie CA, St. Clair Co.; Tim Barksdale; R & E, BB 47[1]:25.

Oct. 19, 1992 - 1st record for eastern MO
(2); St. Charles Airport, St. Charles Co.; Jack Van Benthuysen; 6th Annual MBRC Report, 1992-55.

Oct. 22, 1989 - High count
(7+); St. Joseph, Buchanan Co.; Mark Robbins, David Easterla, Bob Fisher, Leo Galloway, K. Jackson; R & E, BB 57[1]:50.

Oct. 29, 1977
(1); Specimen (NWMSU, DAE 2987); Southwest of Maryville, Nodaway Co.; David Easterla; R & E.

Nov. 26, 1979
(1); Osage Prairie CA, Vernon Co.; Tim Barksdale; R & E.

Dec. 13, 2001 - 2nd winter record
(1); Prairie SP, Barton Co.; Mark Robbins; 15th Annual MBRC Report, 2001-76; This same observer found two in the same location on Nov. 20, 2001.

Dec. 29, 1992 - 1st winter record
(1); Monegaw Prairie - near El Dorado Springs, Cedar Co.; Mark Robbins; 6th Annual MBRC Report, 1993-2.

March 13, 1982 - Earliest spring record
(1); Taberville Prairie CA, St. Clair Co.; Leo Galloway; R & E, BB 49[3]:21.

April 4, 1978
(2); 1 specimen (apparently discarded); near Liberal, Barton Co.; Jim Rathert; R & E, BB 45[3]:18.

May 3, 2005 - 2nd record for eastern MO
(1); Along Ed and Pat Jones-Confluence Point SP road, St. Charles Co.; Steve Mitten; 18th Annual MBRC Report, 2005-45; Although the MBRC is cautious about accepting records of Sprague's Pipit where not expected, this bird was well described, and the characters noted were diagnostic when taken together. Observer had considerable prior experience with this species.

May 13, 1986 - Latest spring record
(1); Taberville Prairie CA, St. Clair Co.; S. Schoech; R & E; Singing while circling over prairie.

Note: Data does not include all transient observations for western MO. Any significant records from western MO since R & E will be added at a later time.