Jan. 13 - at least March 5, 2001 - 1st state record
(Adult male); Photographed; RMBS, St. Charles Co.; Identified by Matt Gearheart and Roger McNeil; documented by them with Joe Alburty and by Brad Jacobs, Susan Hazelwood, and Georgia Sneed. Observed by hundreds of additional birders; photographed by Chris Wood, Jim Malone, and others. al; 14th Annual MBRC Report, 2001-9.

After much research and discussion, this bird was accepted unanimously as a first state record. The Committee readily acknowledges that it is impossible to be 100% sure that the bird was wild; with waterfowl and other birds that are sometimes kept in captivity, there is always the chance of an escape. In their judgment, the bird showed no sign of being an escapee, while there were many reasons to think it had a natural origin. The committee accepted the record based on a preponderance of evidence in favor of natural origin. As with all Committee decisions, this one could be reopened for discussion and possibly even reversed if evidence to the contrary should ever come to light.

Photograph compliments of
Jim Malone