Sept. 12, 1965 - Earliest fall record
(Immature); Alton dam (now RMBS), St. Charles Co.; Richard Anderson; R & E, BB 33[1]:6.

Sept. 1900
(3 collected); Specimens (no longer extant); All along Mississippi River in the area of Clark Co.; C. Worthen; R & E, Widmann 1907.

Sept. 21, 1991 - ~7th state record
(3 immatures); Diagnostic prints; Maryville Sewage Lagoons, Nodaway Co.; David Easterla; 5th annual MBRC Report, 1991-48.

Sept. 24 - mid-Oct. 2000 - 10th state record
(as many as 4); RMBS, St. Charles Co.; Jeff Lundt (2 birds), Bill Rowe, Mike Thelan, Edge Wade; 14th Annual MBRC Report, 2000-81;
A minimum of four birds; three juveniles and one adult.

Oct. 3-4, 1978
(Immature); Photographed (VIREO r08/10/003); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; Mark Robbins et al; R & E, BB 46[1]:25.

Oct. 4-5, 1991- ~8th state record
(Immature); Diagnostic slide; Smithville Lake, Clay Co.; T. Barksdale, P. McKenzie, C. Hobbs, M. Robbins, and D. Easterla;
5th annual MBRC Report, 19991-54.

R & E: At least 6 records, all involving single birds between mid-Sept. and early Oct.

Note: There have been multiple fall observations since R & E which will be added at a later time.