Oct. 21 - Dec. 2, 1990 - Earliest fall record
(Adult); Thomas Hill Reservoir, Macon/Randolph Co's; P. Mckenzie, T. Barksdale, C. Hobbs et al; 4th Annual MBRC Report, 1990-57; R & E.

Oct. 26, 2013 - 2nd earliest fall record
(1); Photographed; Riverlands M.B.S., St. Charles Co.; Pat Lueders, Christian Hagenlocher; BB 81[1]:38.

Photograph compliments of
Allen Smith

Oct. 31, 2004 - 3rd earliest fall record
(1); Thomas Hill Reservoir, Macon and Randolph Cos.; Kristi Mayo, Doug Willis; BB 72[1]:43.

Nov 3, 1902
(2 in basic plumage); Specimen (no longer extant); near New Haven, Franklin Co.; R & E, Whitman 1907.

Nov. 5-6, 1991
(1); Thomas Hill Reservoir, Randolph Co.; P. Mckenzie, T. Barksdale; 5th Annual MBRC Report, 1991-52, and BB 9[1]:39. 9th fall record at time.

Nov. 8, 1992
(Adult); Smithville Lake, Clay Co.; Chris Hobbs; 6th Annual MBRC Report, 1992-56.

Nov. 11, 1990
(Immature); Thomas Hill Reservoir, Macon/Randolph Co's; Chris Hobbs; 4th Annual MBRC Report, 1990-58.

Nov. 26, 1995
(Adult in basic plumage); Smithville Lake, Clay Co.; Chris Hobbs, Steve Addinall; 9th Annual MBRC Report, 1995-80.

R & E: No fewer than 8 fall records, all between late Oct and early Dec. Seven of the records have been obtained since 1970, and five of these are from the St. Louis area (at time of R & E).

Note: Data does not include all fall observations. Any significant fall observations since R & E will be added at a later time.

Dec. 1937
(1); Specimen (SEMO 32); Laclede Co.; Observer not listed; R & E.

Jan. 21 - late Feb. 1991 - 1st winter record
(Immature); Table Rock Lake, Taney/Stone Co's; Paul McKenzie, Tim Barksdale et al; 4th Annual MBRC Report, 1991-5.

Jan. 23-26 2013 - 3rd winter record
(1); Table Rock State Park, Taney Co; Paul McKenzie (documentation), Brad Jacobs. 26th Annual MBRC Report, 2013-10.

Feb. 26, 1994 - 2nd winter record
(1); RMBS, St. Charles Co.; Dave Becher et al; 7th Annual MBRC Report, 1994-11.

March 7, 1981
(1); Thomas Hill Reservoir; Macon/ Randolph Co's; Sherman Sutter, Tim Barksdale; R & E, BB 48[3]:16.

March 30, 1958
(1 in nuptial plumage); Sugar Lake, Buchanan/ Platte Co's; Walter Cunningham; R & E, Rising et al. 1978.

March 31- Apr. 1, 2015 - 7th spring record
(Adult); RMBS, St. Charles Co.; Brent Schindewolf, Lane Richter, Chrissy McClarren, Jim Malone (documentation), Andrew Reago (photographs); 28th Annual MBRC Report, 2015-44.

May 9, 2001
(1 in basic plumage); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; David Easterla, Brent Thoma; 14th Annual MBRC Report, 2001-51.

May 16, 1971 - Latest spring record
(1 in nuptial plumage); Kirksville, Adair Co.; R. Luker; R & E.