July 9-12, 1981 - 5th state record
(3rd-cycle bird); Alton Dam (now RMBS), St. Charles Co.; Y. Balsinger, M. Scudder, Bill Rudden et al; R & E, AB 35:945.

Sept. 24-29, 1980 - 4th state record
(Immature); Photographed by David Easterla and Ival Lawhon Jr.; Lake Contrary, Buchanan Co.; Floyd Lawhon, Tim Barksdale; 10th Annual MBRC Report, 1994-44 and R & E, BB 48[1]:12; Was first identified as a Parasitic Jaeger. Experts later agreed it was a Pomarine.

Oct. 3, 1971 - 2nd state record
(1); Thomas Hill Reservoir, Macon/ Randolph Co.'s; Tim Barksdale; R & E, BB 47[1]:16.

Nov. 7-9, 1979 - 3rd state record
(1); Photographed; Alton Dam (now RMBS), St. Charles Co.; Bill Rudden; R & E, Rudden 1980b.

Photograph compliments of Paul Bauer.

Nov. 10, 2011 - 10th state record
(Juvenile); Photographed; Smithville Lake, Clay Co.; Kristi Mayo (documentation), Linda Williams (photographs); found by Doug Willis; 25th Annual MBRC Report, 2011-82.

Nov. 7-19, 1996 - 8th state record
(Immature); Smithville Lake, Clay Co.; Stephen Addinall, Chris Hobbs, Eric Preston; 10th Annual MBRC Report, 1996-57; Determined to be a different bird than 1996-60 based on differences in length of central tail feathers.

Nov. 14-25, 1985 - 6th state record
(1); Smithville Lake, Clay Co.; Chris Hobbs, Mick McHugh, Floyd Lawhon et al; R & E.

Nov. 22 - Dec. 10, 1996 - 9th state record
(Immature); Photographed and video taped; Smithville Lake, Clay Co.; Dave Easterla, Jack Hilsabeck, Paul McKenzie, Tim Barksdale et al; 10th Annual MBRC Report, 1996-60.

Nov. 27, 1982
(Immature dark-phase); Alton Dam (now RMBS); St. Charles Co.; R & E, BB 50[1]:23. Personal communication with initial observer indicated this record should be removed.

Nov. 28, 1915 - 1st state record
(1); Specimen (KU 47672); Missouri River, Jackson Co.; No observers listed; R & E, Hoffman 1916.

Feb. 27, 1991 - 7th state record and 1st late winter/ early spring record
(Juvenile); RMBS, St. Charles Co.; B. Wetteroth, J. Ziebol, R. Goetz et al; 5th Annual MBRC Report, 1991-30.

Additional Missouri Jaeger sp. Records