Aug. 1905
(1); Collected (specimen not located); near Billinger, Christian Co.; J. Kastendieck; R & E, Widmann 1907.

Nov. 22 - Dec. 10, 1996 - 1st photographic documentation
(Immature); Photographed; Smithville Lake, Clay Co.; Dave Easterla, Jack Hilsabeck, Paul McKenzie, Tim Barksdale et al; 10th Annual MBRC Report, 1996-61.

April 23, 1916 - Highest single day count
(5); mouth of the Big Blue River, Jackson Co.; R & E, Harris 1919b; Harris 1919b states: Birds were observed at close range, and that there can be no question of the identification in this case, as the birds were close enough to show their distinctive characteristic, the sharp middle tail feathers a few inches longer than the others.

R & E (1992): Harris 1919b states "The older river men state that this bird was not uncommon in the days when the river was filled with the refuse from the packing houses."

Additional Missouri Jaeger sp. Records