Sept. 12, 1974 - 3rd state record and 1st in modern times
(1); Maryville Sewage Lagoon, Nodaway Co.; Mark Robbins, David Easterla; R & E, Robbins 1975.

Sept. 16-20, 2010 - 4th state record and 2nd in modern times
(Juvenile); Photographed; Smithville Lake, Clay Co.; Found and documented by Kristi Mayo (with photographs), also by Sandra Elbert (with photographs); 23rd Annual MBRC Report, 2010-73.

Photograph compliments of
Kristi Mayo

Oct. 3, 1916 - 2nd state record
(2); Missouri River, Jackson Co.; B. Bush; R & E, Harris 1919b.

Spring 1910 - 1st state record
(1); Specimen (no longer extant); Bean Lake, Platte Co.; Holland; R & E, Harris 1919b.

Additional Missouri Jaeger sp. Records