R & E: First arrivals appear in mid-March well before Short-billed Dowitchers. Numbers gradually build
through April and peak at the beginning of May. Virtually all are gone by the end of the third week of May.

March 10, 1985 - 2nd earliest spring record
(3); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; Floyd Lawhon; R & E.

May 10, 1979 - Highest single day count
(500+); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; Tim Barksdale; R & E, BB 46[3]:9.

July 8, 1994 - 1st July record
(1); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; Mark Robbins; 7th Annual MBRC Report, 1994-30.

July 15, 2007 - 2nd July record
(Adult); Confluence SP, St. Charles Co.; Bill Rowe; 20th Annual MBRC Report, 2007-61. Characters noted included voice.

R & E: This species does not begin to outnumber Short-billed Dowitchers until the end of August.
The largest numbers are recorded in October when flocks of a few hundred birds may be encountered.

Oct. 20, 1963 - 2nd highest single day and highest fall single day count
(250); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; Harold Burgess, Floyd Lawhon; R & E, BB 30[4]:17.

Oct. 23, 1995
(Male); Specimen (MU 1469); Gravois Mills - Lake of the Ozarks, Morgan Co.; Observer not listed; R & E.

Nov. 25, 1984
(1); St. Joseph, Buchanan Co.; Floyd Lawhon, Mark Robbins; R & E, BB 52[1]:30.

Dec. 2-3, 2005 - Very late fall record
(1 in basic plumage); Photographed; Winfield Lock and Dam, Lincoln Co.; Charlene and Jim Malone, Joshua Uffman,
Joe Eades Dave Rogles; 19th Annual MBRC Report, 2006-11. Record reviewed by Cin-Ty Lee and Andrew Birch.

Dec. 4, 2010 - Considered Latest fall record
(1); Photographed; near Confluence SP, St. Charles Co.; Bill Rowe (documentation); photographs by David Marjamaa, Tom Bormann; 24th Annual MBRC Report, 2010-85. Diagnostic call heard; photographs also show characters of Long-billed in basic-plumage.

Dec. 19, 1997 - 1st winter record
(1); Four Rivers CA, Vernon Co.; Mark Robbins and Roger McNeill; 11th Annual MBRC Report; 1998-12.

Feb. 20, 2011 - Earliest spring record by over two weeks
(2); Photographed; County Road 723, Dunklin Co.; Timothy Jones (documentation with photographs); 24th Annual MBRC Report, 2011-20. No vocalizations were reported, but a good photograph showed important visual characters of basic-plumaged Long-billed Dowitcher.

Note: Any significant transient observations since R & E will be added at a later time.