Dec. 20, 2010 - 3rd state record
(Male); Photographed; Lee's Summit, Jackson Co. Ruth Simmons (documentation with photographs) at her residence. 24th Annual MBRC Report, 2010-93.

Dec. 28, 2012-Jan. 26, 2013 - 5th state record
(Male, green-backed form); Photographed; Nixa, Christian Co. Greg Samuel and Greg Swick (documentation with photographs), Matt Duzan. This record moves the species from accidental to casual as a transient and winter visitor. All records have been at residential feeders. 26th Annual MBRC Report, 2013-6.

Photographed here by Allen Smith,
23 January 2013

Jan. 18-Feb. 20, 2012 - 4th state record
(Male, green-backed form); Photographed; Humansville, Polk Co.; Calvin Borntrager (documentation), Lester and Ervin Borntrager, Bill Baughman (photographs); 25th Annual MBRC Report, 2012-10.

April 4-6, 1971 - 1st state record
(Male); Photographed; At a feeder in Kansas City, Jackson Co. C. Hicks, N. Edding et al; R & E, BB 39 [3]:8; Bird had an all black back which is diagnostic of the nominate race.

May 18, 2001 - 2nd state record
(Male); Jackson, Cape Girardeau Co. Curt Casteel; 14th Annual MBRC Report, 2001-49;Like the 1st state record, was a black-backed male. Came to thistle feeder with American Goldfinches.