Each species listed as a hyperlink on the Missouri Annotated Checklist pages can be clicked on to view the respective records. The data used for this project have been compiled from all MBRC Annual Reports (1-27) and Robbins' and Easterla's Birds of Missouri (1992).

Records are listed in the following order with respect to seasonal report dates :

1) Fall
2) Winter
3) Spring
4) Summer

Each record is reported as shown in the following example:

Date(s) - Significance of record (If known)
(Number of ind. and the age/sex if known); Supplemental doc. info. (if known); Specific location, County(s);
Observer(s); Information source, Record number; Misc. notes.

Records listed in BROWN are those considered provisional.
Records listed in BLUE are those that do not meet the criteria to be a fully accepted record.
Records listed in GREEN are those that have since been found to contain an error and may no longer
          be a valid record or initial observer indicated the sighting was incorrect

In the future, I plan to begin reviewing past issues of The Bluebird in attempts to capture the following from seasonal reports

1) Early/late arrival/departure dates
2) High counts
3) Species that documentation is not required for
4) Records that were not documented

Please, should you find any errors or have any questions/comments contact me:

Joshua Uffman