Dec. 22, 2012 - 1st state record
(One); Mees residence, Columbia, Boone Co.; Bill Mees and Alice Robinson (documentation), Jeff Mees (photographs),
Jan Mees. 26th Annual MBRC Report, 2012-72. This record is a Definitive State Record, and the species is now
confirmed for Missouri as an accidental winter visitor. The documentation and photographs were circulated to five
outside reviewers: Louis Bevier, Edward Brinkley, Paul Buckley, Adam Byrne, and Peter Pyle-all of whom endorsed this
bird as a definite (four reviewers) or probable (one reviewer) Hoary Redpoll of the subspecies exilipes, the one most
frequently occurring in the U.S. south of Canada. The winter of 2012-13 saw a remarkable irruption of Common Redpolls,
reaching the interior in large numbers, and among these were some Hoaries-very few compared to the Commons (as always)
but many more than usual, and farther south, with occurrences in, e.g., Illinois, Iowa, and Colorado. While redpoll
taxonomy is stillunsettled, most current authorities (and the AOU) do consider Common and Hoary Redpolls to be separate
species. An excellent article on North American redpoll taxa is Bevier, Brinkley, Buckley, and Byrne (2011).

Dec. 27, 2012 - 2nd state record
(One); Alwood residence, Ferguson, St. Louis Co.; Connie Alwood (documentation with photographs). 26th Annual MBRC Report, 2013-16.
This report was circulated to four reviewers (Bevier, Buckley, Brinkley, and Byrne), whose comments overall supported the
identification of this bird as another exilipes Hoary Redpoll. The amount of flank streaking indicated that it was probably a first-winter
bird. See discussion under 2012-72.

Feb. 8 - March 11, 1976
(1 - 3); Photographed; Kansas City, Jackson Co.; Chris Hobbs, JoAnn Garrett, M. Myers et al.; R & E, BB 44[1]:27. One of the birds was
netted and photographed. Opinions by experts who reviewed the slides ranged from stating that it was definitely a "pure" Hoary to
stating that it was a hybrid. Knox, in 1989, examined a series of photos of this bird and was unable to make a positive identification.
The Committee now regards this record as unsubstantiated, 26th Annual MBRC Report.

March 6-7, 1978
(1); St. Louis, St. Louis Co.; Terry Barker et al.; R & E, BB 45[3]:19. The Committee now regards this record as unsubstantiated. 26th Annual MBRC Report.