Oct. 29 (prior 1884)
(1); Collected (specimen not located); St. Charles Co. No observers listed. R & E, Widmann 1907. This record was included in a published list of birds, which included this record, that he collected in the St. Louis area.

Nov. 3, 1972
(1, female plumage); Specimen (NWMSU, DAE 2794); Maryville Sewage Lagoon, Nodaway Co. David Easterla. R & E, BB 40[1]:7. Taken from hunters.

Nov. 22, 1970
(1); Little Dixie Lake CA, Callaway Co. Ike Adams, Bill Goodge. R & E, BB 38[4]:9.

Nov. 24 - Dec. 6, 2010
(Adult male); photographed, Maryville Sewage Lagoon, Nodaway Co. David Easterla (documentation with photographs). 24th Annual MBRC Report, 2010-89.

Jan. 30 - Feb. 6, 1999 - 1st winter record
(Female); Photographed; RMBS, St. Charles Co. Steve Dilks, Bill Rowe, Kent Lannert, Brad Jacobs, Keith McMullen, Paul McKenzie, Jim Rathert. 12th Annual MBRC Report, 1999-22.
Photographed here by
Jim Malone, 30 Jan 1999

March 21, 1897
(1); Collected (specimen not located); Montgomery Co. E. Parker. R & E, Widmann 1907.

Exact date not listed
(1); Missouri River at Eaton Tower, Jackson Co. Observer not listed. R & E, Harris 1919b.

Exact date not listed
(1); Lake City, Jackson Co. J. Bryant. R & E, Harris 1919b. Shot by J. Bryant.