Nov. 27, 1992 - April 21, 1993 - 2nd state record
(2 immatures that molted into adult-like plumages); Photographed; east of Columbia, Boone Co. Boyd and Carolyn Terry, Paul McKenzie, Tim Barksdale et al; 7th Annual MBRC Report, 1993-19.

Dec. 19, 1998 - 3rd state record
(1); Montrose CA, Henry Co. Rhonda Edmunds; 12th Annual MBRC Report, 1999-76; Description unmistakable.

Jan. 9 - March 16, 2011 - 4th state record
(Apparent adult); Photographed; Steve Dilk's house in Linn, Osage Co. Found and documented by Steve Dilks (photographs); Also documented by Chris Barrigar (photographs); 24th Annual MBRC Report, 2011-24.

Photographed here, 10 Jan. 2011,
by Allen Smith

April 16-22, 1992 - 1st state record
(Adult-like); Photographed; south of Stover, Morgan Co. Robert Lorance, Paul McKenzie, Brad Jacobs, Jim Wilson, David Easterla, Tim Barksdale, Jim Rathert; 5th and 6th Annual MBRC Report, 1991-21.