April 2, 1982 - 1st Frigatebird sp. record
(Immature or female); Marshfield, Webster Co.; Jerry Sowers; R & E, AB 36:857; Observed during passage of severe storm front.

April 27, 1983 - 2nd Frigatebird sp. record
(1); near Desoto, Jefferson Co.; M. Wiese, R & E, BB 50[3]:10; Appeared as a storm front passed through the area.

Oct. 13, 1995 - 4th Frigatebird sp. record
(1); Mississippi River, St. Charles Co.; Mary and Robert Huber; 9th Annual MBRC Report, 1995-71.

R & E: 2 other Frigatebird observations have been published, but in both cases the observer's integrity has been questioned.

Note: Observers should make every note of every detail, especially the ventral surface, of any frigatebird seen.

Magnificent Frigatebird Records