April 18, 2002 - 1st confirmed state record
(1); Kept in rehabilitation; photographed; Kansas City, Jackson Co.; Barbara Kluepfel, Mark Robbins; 16th Annual MBRC Report, 2002-60. Found in Barbara Kluepfel's backyard then taken to be rehabilitated.

Summer 1945 (no specific date given) - Accepted to provisional list only
(1); Flushed on a virgin prairie, Vernon Co.; Walter Cunningham; R & E, BB 12[11]:61; Only record in R & E considered valid.

Nov. 21-22, 2009 - 2nd confirmed state record
(1); Photographed; west of Maitland, Holt Co.; Found by Brandon Shields and Kirby Goslee; documented by David Easterla; 23rd Annual MBRC Report, 2009-98. Shields accidentally stunned the bird with his car and brought it to Goslee, who then alerted Easterla. Following photographic documentation, it was released and flew away.

Photographed here, 22 Nov. 2009, by Jack Hilsabeck