March 1, 1976 - Earliest spring record
(Pair); Trimble, Clay Co.; B. West; R & E, BB 44[4]:25.

March 12, 2012 - 2nd earliest spring record
(Male); Eagle Bluffs CA, Boone Co.; Kathleen Anderson, Laura Pintel; BB 79[3]:100.

March 15 - May 25, 2012 - Ties 3rd earliest spring record and 3rd latest spring record
At least one adult drake present during this period); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; Mark Robbins, m. obs.; BB 79[3]:100.

March 15-17, 1986 - 3rd earliest spring record
(2); Duck Creek CA; Steve Dilks, Bill Reeves, K. Adams; R & E, BB 53[3]:10.

March 29, 2003
(Male); BK Leach CA - King's Lake Unit; Lincoln Co.; Scott Schuette, Bruce Schuette; 16th Annual MBRC Report, 2003-33.

March 31, 1976 - 2nd highest single day count
(2 pair); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; David Easterla; R & E, BB 44[1]:25.

Late March 1986
(Male); near Big Lake SP; Holt Co.; D. Mead, B. Snipes; R & E, SJM 89.1.646.

April 2, 2011
(Male); Photographed; Columbia Bottom CA, St. Louis Co.; Joshua Uffman, BB 78[3]:124.

April 5, 2012 - Highest single day count
(3 Drakes); Photographed; Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; Doug Willis, BB 79[3]:100.

April 7-14, 2007
(Male); Sandy Slough Road, near Winfield Lock and Dam, Lincoln Co.; Joe Eades; 20th Annual MBRC Report, 2007-44.

April 22, 1995
(Male); Prairie Slough CA, Lincoln Co.; Bruce Schuette, Eric Schuette, Eric Schuette, Judy Richey; 9th Annual MBRC Report, 1995-55.

May 5, 2007
(Male); Photographed; BK Leach CA, Lincoln Co.; Laura Montgomery; 20th Annual MBRC Report, 2007-40; Female associating with this bird appeared to be a Blue-winged Teal in the photographs.

Late May - June 15, 1982 - 1st summer record
(1); Clarence Cannon NWR, Pike Co.; G. Wolff et al; R & E, BB 49[4]:14.

No specific date given 1885 - Single day high count
(5 birds); Lake City, Jackson Co.; Tindall; R & E, Harris 1919b.

R & E (1992): At time of R & E > 6 records for the St. Louis area during the spring season.

June 4, 2000 - 2nd summer record
(Male); Squaw Creek NWR, Holt Co.; David Easterla, Jack Hilsabeck; 13th Annual MBRC Report, 2000-59.

June 4, 2006 - 4th summer record
(Male and probable female); Eagle Bluffs CA, Boone Co.; Bill Goodge, Edge Wade, Janice Gaston, Anne Downing, Sandy Elbert; 19th Annual MBRC Report, 2006-47.

July 5, 2004 - 3rd summer record
(Male); Photographed; RMBS, St. Charles Co.; Jim and Charlene Malone et al.; 17th Annual MBRC Report, 2004-50.

Aug. 7, 2013 - 6th fall record
(Adult male); Clarence Cannon NWR, Pike Co.; Charlene Malone; 26th Annual MBRC Report, 2013-51.

Aug. 13, 1983 - 3rd fall record
(2 adult males); Schell-Osage CA, Vernon Co.; Jerry Sowers et al; R & E, BB 52[1]:40.

Sept. 5, 1976 - 2nd fall record
(Male); Schell-Osage CA, Vernon Co.; Nanette Johnson, Kelly Hobbs; R & E, BB 44[3]:20.

Oct. 9-15, 1983 - 4th fall record
(Male); Mingo NWR, Stoddard Co.; Bill Eddlemann; R & E.

Oct. 15, 2011 - 5th fall record
(Adult male); Little Prairie CA, Phelps Co.; Jerry Decker; 25th Annual MBRC Report, 2011-74.

Oct. 27, 1971 - 1st fall record
(2 adult males); Busch CA, St. Charles Co.; James F. Comfort; R & E, BB[39[1]:5.

Jan. 7-27, 1995 - 1st winter record
(Male); Lake Springfield; Greene Co.; Greg Swick, Larry Rizzo et al; 8th Annual MBRC Report, 1995-6.

Jan. 13, 2008 - 2nd winter record
(Male); near Otter Slough CA, Stoddard Co.; Chris Barrigar; 21st Annual MBRC Report, 2008-7.

Note: Data does not include all transient observations for this species in eastern MO, where the status was recently moved to rare transient and therefore documentation is no longer required. Any significant transient observations for eastern MO will be added at a later time. In addition, any significant spring transient observations for western MO, where this species is an annually occurring spring transient, will be added at a later time. All accepted fall records at time of R & E are listed.