R & E: More frequently seen in the eastern half of the state, but more are observed in western Missouri at this season than in the spring. The earliest arrivals are usually detected in early September. With the exception of a couple of observations, all sightings are of single birds, with most records clustered in September. It is casually seen in October.

Aug. 23, 1986 - Earliest fall record
(1); St. Joseph, Andrew Co.; Leo Galloway; R & E, BB 54[1]:34.

Sept. 15, 1968 - Highest fall single day count
(2, adult feeding immature); Maryville, Nodaway Co.; Mark Robbins; R & E, BB 36[3]:34.

Oct. 31 - Dec. 11, 1970 - Late
(Immature female); Maryville, Nodaway Co.; Mark Robbins; R & E, BB 38[4]:10.

Nov. 24, 1984 - Late
(Immature female); Specimen (NWMSU, MBR 1451); Maryville, Nodaway Co.; Mark Robbins, David Easterla; R & E.

Dec. 1-12, 1963 - Late
(1); St. Louis, St. Louis Co.; Steve Hanselmann; R & E, BB 31[1]:34.

Dec. 20, 1992 - 1st winter record
(Immature); O'fallon, St. Charles Co.; Bill Rowe; 6th Annual MBRC Report, 1993-4.

Dec. 23-29, 1993 - 2nd winter record
(Immature female); St. Louis Co.; Anne McCormack; 8th Annual MBRC Report, 1994-52.

Dec. 28, 1997 - mid Jan. 1998 - 5th winter record
(Male); Photographed; Chillicothe, Livingston Co.; Steve Kinder; 11th Annual MBRC Report, 1998-49.

Jan. 1, 1994 - 3rd winter record
(Probable immature male); Sunset Park, St. Louis Co.; Bill Rowe; 8th Annual MBRC Report, 1994-39.

Jan. 7 - March 28, 1995 - 4th winter record
(1); North Kansas City, Clay Co.; Jude and Charles Weir, Mark McKellar et al; 8th Annual MBRC Report, 1995-23.

R & E: More regular and frequently observed in the east, where numbers vary considerably from year to year. This species first appears in early May and peaks during the second week of May. There are only two records during the final week of May.

April 21, 1989 - Earliest spring record
(1); Schell-Osage CA, Vernon Co.; JoAnn Garrett, E. Johnson; R & E, BB 56[3]:93.

May 4, 1988 - Highest single day count
(6); Forest Park, St. Louis City; Randy Korotev; R & E.

May 13, 1976
(Male); Specimen (NWMSU, DAE 2976); near Arkoe, Nodaway Co.; Mark Robbins, David Easterla, Kenn Kaufmann; R & E.

May 28, 1907 - Latest spring record
(1); St. Louis, St. Louis Co.; No observer listed; R & E, Widmann 1907.

Note: Any significant observations since R & E will be added at a later time.