Mid-Oct. - Nov. 8, 2002 - 1st state record
(1); Photographed; Columbia, Boone Co.; Harold and Kathleen Anderson, Troy Gordon, Janice Gordon,
Jim Rathert et al; 16th Annual MBRC Report, 2002-61.

Nov. 12-29, 2014 - 2nd state record
(Immature male); Swick residence, Ozark, Christian Co.; Found and documented by Greg Swick (with photographs); also documented by
Allen Smith (with photographs) and banded by Sarah Driver. 27th Annual MBRC Report, 2014-65. Measurements and photographs
taken while banding confirmed not only identification to species but also age and sex. Banding data are provided in Swick documentation.
Photograph compliments of
Allen Smith

Additional Unidentified Hummingbird Records