Sept. 6, 1962 - Earliest fall record
(Immature male); St. Charles Co.; Kathryn Arhos, Richard Anderson; R & E, BB 29[4]:28.

Nov. 28 - Dec. 3, 1984
(Immature male); Photographed (VIREO r18/1/001); Roaring River SP, Barry Co.; J. Baugardt et al; R & E, BB 52[1]:33.

R & E (1992): At least ten reliable records for the fall season, which are evenly divided between the east and west.

Dec. 2, 1983
(Female); Specimen (not preserved, fide Jim Wilson); Meta, Osage Co.; J. Rowan; R & E, BB 51[2]:23; Listed as latest fall date in R & E

Dec. 24, 2009 - Feb. 8, 2010 - 1st winter record
(Immature male); Photographed; Kansas City, Platte Co.; Lisa Owens (photographs) in her yard; 23rd Annual MBRC Report, 2009-99.

Photograph compliments
of Lisa Owens

Feb. 24, 1986
(1); Kansas City, Jackson Co.; Kelly Hobbs; R & E, BB 53[2]:10; Listed as earliest spring arrival date in R & E.

April 20-26, 1993
(Male in nuptial plumage); Videotaped; Country Club Village, Andrew Co.; David Shoemaker; 7th Annual MBRC Report, 1993-11.

April 27, 1996
(Adult male); near Rogersville, Webster Co.; Gary and Patricia Arnold; 10th Annual MBRC Report; 1997-02; This rare transient fit the temporal pattern of spring occurrence in MO.

May 6, 1973
(Male); St. Joseph, Buchanan Co.; Floyd Lawhon, Simon Rositsky; R & E, BB 40[3]:6.

May 12-13, 2010
(Adult male); Photographed; St. Joseph, Buchanan Co.; Jack Hilsabeck (documentation with photographs), David Easterla, Larry Lade, John Rushin, Leo Galloway, Tom Nagel, Frances Cramer; 23rd Annual MBRC Report, 2010-49; As of this record documentation is now required for female and immature birds only.
Photographed here by
Jack Hilsabeck, 12 May 2010.

May 12, 2013
(Female); Photographed; Kinslow residence, Webster Co. Andrew Kinslow (documentation with photographs), Gene Kinslow,
Naomi Kinslow, Dawn Huber. Photographs showed the buffy-orange breast, the very limited streaking in the center of
the breast, and the bicolored bill, with dark mandible and pale maxilla. 26th Annual MBRC Report, 2013-40.

May 14, 1995 - Latest spring record
(Male); Columbia, Boone Co.; Bill and Todd Farrand; 8th Annual MBRC Report, 1995-36.

R & E (1992): At least 7 observations (five from the west and two from the east) of single birds in spring season;
all but one recorded in late April or early May.