Fall of 1890
(1); New Madrid, New Madrid; Observer not listed; R & E, Widmann 1907; Shot, but apparently not saved.

3rd week of Nov. 1918
(1); Photographed, Missouri River; above Kansas City; Co. not listed; R. Holland; R & E, BL 21:54; Shot, but apparently not saved.

Dec. 10, 1972
(1); Lake Jacomo, Jackson Co.; Mick McHugh et al; R & E, Rising et al. 1978.

Dec. 12, 2011 - 11th modern state record
(Adult male); near Ectonville, Clay Co.; Taken by hunter Clint Anderson. The MBRC was informed of this record by David Easterla, and data along with photographs of the specimen were provided by Craig Putnam of the MDC. 26th Annual MBRC Report, 2012-63.

Dec. 20-21, 1975
(Male); CBC record; Lake Jacomo, Jackson Co.; Observer not listed; R & E.

Jan. 8, 1977
(Female); Mississippi River; Chain of Rocks; St. Louis Co.; Joe Eades et al; R & E, Eades et al. 1978.

Jan. 15, 1973
(Male); Alton dam, St. Charles Co.; D. McClaren et al; R & E, BB 40[2]:7; Present for over 2 weeks.

Jan. 12-17, 2001
(Adult male); RMBS, St. Charles Co.; Charlene Malone, Randy Korotev, Bill Rowe et al; 14th Annual MBRC Report, 2001-10; All major diagnostic features were observed, ruling out a hybrid.

Jan. 24-26, 1999
(1); RMBS, St. Charles Co.; Bill Rowe, Kent Lannert; 12th Annual MBRC Report, 1999-21;
Hybrid Barrow's x Common Goldeneye was ruled out.

Feb. 28 - March 5, 1994 - First record with extent photo/specimen documentation
(Adult male); Photographed/ Specimen; Muskrat Lake, Buchanan Co.; Larry Lade and Leo Galloway; 7th Annual MBRC Report, 1994-10.

Feb. 29, 1984
(Male); near Fayette, Howard Co.; C. Royall; R & E, BB 51[2]:18.

March 14, 1962
(1); Fellow's Lake, Greene Co.; F. Schumate, P. Weber; R & E, BB 29[2]:15.

March 29-30, 1947 - Latest spring record
(First-year male); Along hwy H, St. Charles Co.; Jim Earl Comfort, K. Wesseling; R & E.